NUPG 8th April 2019 Meeting

Speaker – Dr. Gavan Cooke  – multi-discipline biologist with specialisations in cephalopod biology and expertise in behavioural ecology, evolutionary biology and animal welfare. We suspect he will be talking to us about octopi and other Cephalopods. Competition Theme – Cephalopods

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NUPG 11th March 2019 Meeting Report

A wet windy night did not deter people arriving to be entertained by Jason Gregory this month and his very informative presentation on the planning behind his shot of a Phosphorescent sea pen (Pennatula phosphorea) for the BSoUP Splash-In 2017 competition. He succeeded in getting a well-deserved runner-up spot out […]

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March 2019 Monochrome 01-OpenThird-6549-2019-03-Monochrome-MaggieR-02 01-OpenThird-5695-2019-03-Monochrome-PaulA-02 Phosphorescent sea pen (Pennatula phosphorea) March 2019 Monochrome 05-CompactWinner-2831-2019-03-Monochrome-AlexT-01
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