NUPG – 10th August virtual meeting

This month’s guest was Mario Vitalini with a talk entitled “Changing Faces”.

Using familiar techniques to shoot unfamiliar subjects:

Lockdown and the restrictions in travel have meant that for many of us our usual diving spots can not be reached. Fortunately, things are starting to ease a bit and some less familiar areas to photographers are starting to reopen. This talk is all about how to transfer some of the familiar techniques we are used to working with to photograph the new subjects we will see in front of our lenses in the next few weeks.

Mario Vitalini

This was a really enjoyable talk and Mario illustrated his points with some lovely images.

August’s competition theme was ‘Overhead’ – which was interpreted in many different ways, but Caroline was the clear winner with her Californian sealion.

Alex’s images tied for second place, including this one taken just two days earlier

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