NUPG 8th July Meeting Report

The July NUPG meeting came just a couple weeks after the centenary of Scapa Flow scuttling, so we had Oli Van Overbeek and our very own Alex Tasker come in to talk to us and show us pictures from their recent trips.

Oli was in Scapa Flow back in April of this year where he was lucky enough to get in with his new camera housing for the first time. He talked us through all the wrecks they dived during their week-long trip, focusing on their history and features. He spoke about how he started off rather nervous about bringing his large camera on the more challenging dives, but that he got more comfortable throughout the week and now already has shots set up for next year’s trips.

Alex has been visiting Scapa Flow every year since 2015, so he had lots of interesting photos and videos to show us of all the wrecks, he also made an effort to point out that whilst Scapa is all about the wrecks it is also fantastic for its wildlife, showing photos of wreckage covered in brittle stars, seals, shoals of fish and Guillemot. 

This month’s competition theme was “Crustaceans”. The Winner was Nick Robertson Brown with his shot of a Spider crab.

July 2019 – Winner – Crustaceans – Nick Robertson-Brown

Joint runners-up were Caroline Robertson-Brown and Michelle Gillian with her shot of a hermit crab and its friend from Loch Fyne.

The next NUPG meeting will be on Monday the 12th August where we will be having our print competition and the voting for our splash in competition which will be taking place on Saturday the 3rd August.

For more information on the Splash-in and Print competition:

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