NUPG 13th May Meeting Report

The May meeting saw the NUPG hold their AGM and the first point of order was to thank the outgoing committee members for all their hard work over the past 12 months that saw new members joining the club, great talks and popular underwater photography events. The new committee was then voted in and saw some existing members change roles, some new members take up positions and some old members come back onto the committee of 7. So the NUPG would like to welcome: Al, Caroline, Mich, Nick, Roisin, Paul & Donovan.

With the AGM completed as swiftly as possible it was time to move onto the main event. This month was members Donovan Lewis and Roisin Maddison speak about their work at Blue Planet Aquarium. They spoke about their love of the sharks and other species that they have formed bonds with in the aquarium, with their jobs to feed them and ensure their well-being. Occasionally they also get to take in a camera and gets some shots to use to help change the public’s perspective of sharks.

It is a tricky place to take photos, as there is no natural light and images are not allowed to clearly identify any of the members of public on the other side of the glass! But the challenging conditions did not sop Donovan and Roisin showing us great images of Zebra Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, Southern Atlantic Stingrays, Pork Fish, Guitar Fish, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Bamboo Sharks, Goliath Grouper, MOray Eels and Sergeant Majors (and their eggs).

It was a fascinating talk about an area of underwater photography rarely discussed.

The competition theme was “Action” and this saw a varied set of entries to select from. Nick Robertson-Brown took first place with a shot of a shark feed from a dive with Stuart Cove’s Dive Centre in The Bahamas.

Caroline Robertson-Brown took the runner-up spot with a shot of two young and playful Californian Sea Lions shot whilst snorkeling in La Jolla in Southern California.

Roisin Maddison took 3rd place with a shot of an eel eating a scorpionfish.

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