NUPG 14th January 2019 Meeting

Competition Theme : Best of 2018

Guest Judge : Kirtsy Andrews

Our January competition will of course be “Best of 2018” and we’re delighted to say that Kirsty Andrews has agreed to be our guest judge this time. To allow time for judging, the deadline for entries will be 8pm on Sunday January
6th. The overall winner will be decided at the meeting on Jan 14th.

You may enter up to two images in each of the four categories:
British Isles Close Up
British Isles Wide Angle
Overseas Close Up
Overseas Wide Angle

Images taken with compact cameras will be judged separately in the same categories.

PLEASE name every file to identify the category, your name and whether it’s an Open or Compact entry.
eg: BICU-AlexT-Open-O1.jpg or OSWA-AlexT-Compact-02.jpg

Please resize images to a maximum height of 1080 and a maximum width of 1920 pixels.

Needless to say all entries should have been taken during 2018!

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