2018 NUPG Annual Splash-In Competition Results

On Saturday 4th August 2018 the Northern Underwater Photography Group held their annual “Splash-In” underwater photography competition in North Wales. Underwater photographers were invited to take pictures on the day, to be entered into two primary categories, then displayed at that evening’s meeting in Bangor and voted on by those present.

Conditions – for some participants, at least – were good and the entries were dominated by newcomers to UWP competitions. Glynn Phillips won the Wide Angle category with his backlit jellyfish and also the Newcomer category with his close-up shot of a skeleton shrimp. However Yo-Han Cha’s feeding nudibranch won the Close-Up category and was voted the overall winner.


Close Up Winner:             Feeding nudibranch by Yo-Han Cha

Wide Angle Winner:       Backlit jellyfish by Glynn Phillips

Newcomer Winner:        Skeleton shrimp by Glynn Phillips


Overall Winner:                Feeding nudibranch by Yo-Han Cha


2018 Splash-In Close Up & Overall winner – Yo-Han Cha


2018 Splash-In Wide Angle winner – Glynn Phillips


2018 Splash-In Newcomer winner – Glynn Phillips


The NUPG would like to thank all those that entered the competition, and our kind sponsors, who have provided the winners’ trophies:

Close Up winner   –   Scubaverse       www.scubaverse.com

Wide Angle winner   –    Nauticam UK / Underwater Visions       www.nauticam.co.uk

Newcomer winner   –   Dive Safari Asia       divesafariasia.com

Overall Winner   –   Frogfish Photography       www.frogfishphotography.com

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