2018 NUPG Splash-In Competition Rules

NUPG’s annual Splash-In competition will be held on Saturday 4th August 2018.

This is a competition open to all underwater photographers, images must be taken on the day and then will be judged by all those that attend that evening at the Belle Vue Hotel in Bangor.
Images can be taken anywhere in the sea but must be submitted in person by 7pm at the Belle Vue Hotel, Holyhead Road, Bangor, North Wales, LL57 2EU.


You must register to enter the Splash-In before the event. You can do this by emailing competition@nupg.org.uk. The closing date for registration is 7pm on Friday 3rd August.
You will then be sent a registration form that you should photograph before taking any other photographs for the Splash-In.

Entry Fee

The entry fee will be £4 for NUPG members, £5 for non-members; this fee is payable when you submit your entries (cash only).


The categories this year will be:
– Wide Angle
– Close-Up
– Newcomer

Any images taken by a Newcomer will automatically be eligible for the Newcomer category. A Newcomer in this case is any non-professional photographer who has not won a prize for underwater photography, this includes NUPG Splash-in or Print Competitions but not the NUPG monthly competition.

Taking Images in the competition

1. Photographers must have already registered and obtained their registration document, before they can submit any images.
2. Images submitted can only have been taken on-the-day of the splash-in, in the sea using a digital camera. Rock pool shots are not accepted.
3. No marine creatures should be harmed or moved in order to obtain an image.
(See submission rules).
4. The photographer should start their splash-in dives with a blank memory card and the date & time set correctly. Failure to do so could invalidate their entries.
5. The first image on the memory card should be their registration document, taken on the day of the splash-in.
6. Each competitor may enter up to 2 images in any category with a maximum of 4 images per entrant permitted.
7. Close-Up is where the subject area of the image is no bigger than A4.

Submission Rules

1. Images submitted can only have whole-image manipulation – no cropping is allowed
– Contrast, Brightness.
– Colours, Saturation, Black & White/Sepia conversion.
– Sharpening, Unsharp mask etc.
2. All images submitted must be:
– sRGB colour space, jpeg format.
– Preferably resized to a maximum of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 high.
– Camera information, EXIF should be kept for image submission.
NUPG will adjust the images as it sees fit, for presentation purposes.
3. Before submitting your images please rename them in the following format:
<Initial and Surname>-<Category>-<n>.jpg
For example: ABloggs-wa-01.jpg, ABloggs-wa-02.jpg, ABloggs-cu-01.jpg, ABloggs-cu-02.jpg
If you are additionally entering the Newcomer category add an N, for example, ABloggs-wa-01-N.jpg
4. An original version of the file should be made available for viewing (for winners/runners-up only).
5. Images should be submitted in person to the competition during the hours of 18:00-19:00 at the Belle Vue Hotel, Holyhead Road, Bangor, North Wales LL57 2EU. Submission of images after this time will not be allowed.
6. Any images submitted directly from the card, will be adjusted by NUPG for presentation purposes.
7. NUPG will vet images for inappropriate behaviour towards marine creatures and may reject images as a result. NUPG decision is final, and not negotiable.


NUPG is allowed to use images submitted into the competition in their publicity material, whether this is magazines, social networking or image sites. When an image is used in this way, the photographer will be credited and a copyright added.
Image copyright rests with the photographer, and by submitting images into the splash-in, they grant NUPG full use as described.

Overall Winner of the NUPG Splash-in 2017 by Anne Medcalf

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