NUPG Capernwray Spring Warm-Up April 28th

We’ve had a lovely time up at Capernwray today for our Spring Warm-Up dive.

Unfortunately the dreaded lurgy did attack some potential attendees, so hopefully that won’t stop them diving for too long. For those of us fortunate enough to be able to equalise and have time to make it up there with our cameras, we were treated to lovely spring weather with no hiding from the rain (I even got changed into my undersuit outside, which shows we’re heading towards a more favourable phase of the dive season).

The water’s beginning to warm up, so it was a good day to check out both cameras and dive gear before we start heading further afield. Capernwray itself was busy so we headed out to one of the less visited areas for some peace and quiet and (relatively) better visibility … a few particles in the water can help you work on your strobe positioning (From some of my pictures today, I for one, will be looking forward to and paying close attention to June’s talk by Nick and Caroline!).

Post-dive we headed back up to the cafe for a brew and a burger where we were able to meet up with a few familiar faces.

If any of you would be interested in doing something similar later in the year, please do let the committee know.



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