NUPG April 2018 Meeting Report

Not so many for the pre-talk curry this month but the numbers increased to listen to Joseph Litt and his talk on Galapagos.

Czech born Joseph has had a love for photography from an early age taking and developing photographs whilst at school. It was obvious from the start of his talk he has a great love and admiration for the Galapagos Islands is a great authority on many aspects of them, his talk covered the formation of the Islands through the interaction of the Nazca, Cocos and Pacific Tectonic plates. The roles of oceanic currents and how they have brought species to the islands, protected them in the past and present and how they are essential in their continual survival was discussed. He gave a brief insight into the history and current protected status of the Islands and Marine Reserves in the areas and the continual threats to them.

He then talked about the various options for diving and travelling around the Islands covering various aspects of what you can hope to see from various liveaboard itineraries to land based and sailing tours and the pros and cons of each type of trip.

He continued by discussing the various fascinating creatures you can see there, both underwater and on the islands with some very funny and informative facts. Why are there no male whalesharks? We now know or do we 😉 Wavy Albatrosses are not as faithful as we once believed and do land and sea iguanas mix?

He completed his talk by discussing the practicalities of taking photographs there and when the best times of year to visit to see a particular creature. His images of the islands and the flora and fauna are very impressive and I for one are looking forward to reading his book Galápagos (Mostly Underwater Books Travel Guide)

This month’s competition fish faces proved popular in the open class although there were only a couple of entries in the compact class.

There winner in the open category Elaine White with a great shot of a really cheeky Shanny whilst runner-up was Nick Robertson-Brown with his shot of a basking shark taken off the coast of Cornwall, UK. There were numerous ties for third place.


Keith Major won the compact category with his shot of a scorpionfish taken in the Red Sea, Egypt.

All the other entries were then discussed and then any other business with a timetable of upcoming events being presented.

We are going to be at Capernwray on April 28th for a friendly get together to check out ourselves and our underwater cameras for the forthcoming UK diving season. All are welcome to meet up with like-minded underwater photographers, just come for a chat. Many of the NUPG committee will be on hand to offer advice or act as buddies or models. Our chairman Yo-Han Cha will act as shore cover during the day. If you want a buddy or model or if you want any more information please contact us beforehand on We will probably be in the cafe by 3pm to warm up after doing a couple of dives.

See Caroline Robertson-Brown’s write up here  Scubaverse

Next month is the AGM so if you wish to volunteer for the committee please do so.

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