NUPG Splash-In Results


NUPG Splash-In Results

The freshwater quarry at Capernwray was the venue for the 2017 NUPG splash in and on the day 11 people had registered and took part. The divers were from different clubs and agencies such as BSAC, PADI and SSI.

Yo-Han Cha our chairman, Elaine White, Caroline and Nick Robertson-Brown were then in for a very busy day giving advice on how to take a better underwater photograph with the various cameras and video recorders brought along as well as advice on post processing images using various software.

The cameras included Go Pros, Compact, Micro 4/3rds and DSLRs.

The day remained dry and fairly warm so everyone was able to get in and practice.

Following the dives everyone got together where all the images were judged and the result was very close, with only 1 vote separating the top 3 photos.

A massive congratulations to Richard Burke for his winning shot of a diver with torch reflected in the “Apeks” Van wing mirror, a clever and original shot. He was awarded his prize by Nick Robertson-Brown of Frogfish Photography who had sponsored the trophy. The camera he used was a Sony RX100 Mark II.

Joint runners-up were Glynn Phillips using an Olympus EPL5 for his macro shot of mussels with a fine eye to detail and the shallow focus giving a nice touch of “Bokeh” with the mussels in the background and Matthew Boa using a Nikon D7000 with a Tokina 11-16mm lens and his wide angle black and white shot of a diver and wreck.




So at the end of the day we were all very pleased that a lot of advice had been given about underwater photography and photo editing and everyone there had a thoroughly enjoyable fun day.

Once again the NUPG would like to thank all those that turned up on the day as well as those that assisted us with the preparation and running of the competition and for those members of the club that turned up on the day to give their support and as well as to all the entrants. We look forward to seeing you again at one of our monthly meetings or at another future event.


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