NUPG September Meeting

NUPG held it’s September meeting on the 11th. The first part of the meeting consisted of a quick EGM to ask for and get volunteers for the committee, Maggie Russell and Michelle Tasker were duly elected.

Chairman Yo-Han Cha then introduced the speaker for the night, Simon Rogerson, current Editor of SCUBA magazine, the BSAC Club Monthly magazine. His well illustrated presentation “A Place on the Page” gave an insight into what was required with regards the images and the information required for producing magazine articles. It was a very interesting talk, opening with the question, name 4 or 5 iconic images in the Red Sea? And how the answer to this question can form the basis of a magazine article about the Red Sea. He then continued his talk with examples of diving travel articles he had published about Malapascua  in The Philippines, Thresher Shark heaven but also the place to visit for macro and the Galapagos Islands with an amazing variety due to numbers of oceanic currents mixing in that area as well as places nearer to home such as Lanzarote and the Isle of Man. He discussed the collaboration that is required with other members of the magazine publication team and explained what type of pictures were required for the lead photo and double pages as well as what photos worked well as fillers and when the use of black and white pictures could add impact to an article. He explained about time constraints when on location, often taking shots and moving on, how you can only relax and experiment a bit more with pictures only once you have got ALL the pictures you think you will need for that particular portfolio. A very interesting and informative talk.

This month’s competition subject was Front Cover. There were 8 images entered, only 1 being taken using a compact camera. There was a tie for 1st so Simon Rogerson picked the winner for us. Alex Tasker was just pipped by Paul Ansell while Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown tied for third place; the compact category was won by Maggie Russell by default as her image was the only entry!


Overall Winner Paul Ansell

2nd Alex Tasker

Joint 3rd Caroline Robertson-Brown

Joint 3rd Nick Robertson-Brown

Compact Winner-Maggie Russell

Afterwards we went through all the images that were entered in the competition and discussed their relative merits as well as aspects that could be improved upon, again this was very informative and fun.

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