The Great Northern Dive Show NUPG Open Print Competition 2017


This is an image of an eagle ray swimming away from the camera having lifted off a sandy bottom.After a successful first year the Northern Underwater Photography Group will again be running a print competition at the Great Northern Dive Show being held on the 8th & 9th April 2017 at Event City, Manchester.

Entry to the competition is free and open to anyone. You may enter up to four A4 size prints in total, with no more than two in any of the four categories. The categories will be UK Macro, UK Wide-angle, Overseas Macro and Overseas Wide-angle. All images must have been taken underwater, aquarium images will not be allowed. Images should have been taken in the previous year i.e.. on or after 8th April 2016. Any images that are suspected to have involved handling or harassment of marine life in their creation will be disqualified. The category winners will be chosen by public vote over the two days of the show.The winner of each category will receive a Shark Trust shark adoption. Second and third place images will be announced with the winners.There will also be an Overall Winner for the two UK categories together and for the two Overseas categories together these will be chosen by independent judges during the show. All winners will be announced within a week of the show ending.

The prize for Overall UK winner is a free week for one person at Fleetdive on the Costa Brava. This includes self-catering accommodation, boat and car use as part of 4 to 6 person group. All other guest accompanying the winner will receive a 10% discount on the seasonal rate. You will need a trained cox or one can be hired. Fuel, food/drink and flights are not included.

The prize for Overall Overseas winner is a 6 Dive tank and weight package at Safari Diving Lanzarote.

Your entries should be marked on the back with just an arrow pointing at the top edge to show which way up the image should be displayed. Each image should have attached to it by a removable method e.g. post-it note, your name and a number assigned for the image. On a separate piece of paper give your name, address, telephone number and email, plus a short description of each image (what it is of, where did you take it, what camera was used) with the number you assigned it.

Entries can be submitted by post to NUPG Photo Competition, 45 Cromwell Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 1HR, they must arrive by 31st March or be ineligible for entry. You can also submit entries by hand at the NUPG meetings on the 13th February and 13th March.  We will not be able to return entries by post but they will be available to collect at the NUPG monthly meeting on the 8th May. All personal details will not be passed on to third parties and will only be used to contact winners. Winners will be asked to provide a digital version of their images for publicity purposes and winning images may be published as part of the media coverage of the event.

In the event of more images being submitted than we can accommodate on the competition stand, images will be chosen by a panel of judges.




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