NUPG Splash-In and Print Competition 2017

Close-up image of flatfish

Overall Winner of the NUPG Splash-in 2016 by Paul Ansell

NUPG’s annual Splash-In competition will be held on 8th July 2017.
This is a competition open to all underwater photographers, where images must be taken on the day and then will be judged by all those that attend the evening.
You must register to enter the Splash-In before the event. You can do this by emailing
You will then be sent a registration form that you must photograph at the start of the day and at the end of your dives. Your memory card must be blank at the start of the day and then the first and last image taken must be of your registration form.
The four categories this year will be Open Macro, Open Wide-angle, Compact and Newcomer. The Open categories can be entered with images from any type of camera. Any images submitted that are taken with a compact camera will also automatically be entered into the Compact category. Where a compact camera is defined as not having interchangeable lenses. Any images taken by a Newcomer will automatically be eligible for the Newcomers trophy. A Newcomer in this case is any non-professional photographer who has not won a prize for underwater photography, this includes NUPG Splash-in or Print Competitions but not the NUPG monthly competition.
The rules are very simple. You may enter up to 4 images, with a maximum of 2 images in each of the two Open categories. Entries in each category must be appropriate for that category, close-up images will not be allowed in the Wide Angle and vice versa. Images must be taken in the sea on the day of the Splash-In. Freshwater and rock pool images will not be accepted.  Image manipulation should be kept to a minimum. No cropping or spot removal allowed at all and only whole image manipulation (e.g. changing to black & white or other global changes can be done). Images must be submitted as jpg files on a memory stick or card (original files must be kept for adjudicators to check). Entries should be renamed with your name, category, image number for the category (1 or 2) and include a C for compact images and an N for Newcomers.
Entries must be submitted in person at the evening event, which will be from 6pm at the Belle Vue Hotel, Holyhead Road, Bangor, North Wales LL57 2EU. Entries must be handed in by 7pm, judging will be carried out by all attendees and will commence some time between 7.30pm and 8pm depending on the number of entries. The entry fee will be £5 for any number of entries up to 4, this fee is payable when you submit your entries (cash only).
At the evening event there will also be a print competition for NUPG members. The categories for this are UK Wide-angle, UK Close-up, Overseas Wide-angle and Overseas Close-up. Entrance fee for this is £5 and members can enter up four A4 size images, no more than two prints in any one category. These images must have been captured during the last year – ie, on or after 8th July 2016. Submissions can be given with the entrance fee to committee members at any meeting prior to the day or brought in the evening between 6pm and 7pm. Entries should be marked with an arrow on the back indicating which way up it should be displayed, you should also label the back with your name and what category it is in. Judging again will be by attendees and will begin promptly at 7pm.

In both competitions images suspected of involving interference with marine life will be disqualified. Digital copies of winning images in the print competition may be requested to verify that they were taken in the previous year and for publicity use. Winning images from the Splash-In may also be used to publicise the competition.

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