July 2014 Meeting

  • Crustaceans – Winners

    This months competiton entitled 'Crustaceans' had 22 entries and some great images were entered. The overall Winner was Jason Melton and the image was taken on a Canon G15 compact camera in a Nauticam housing with an Inon UCL-165 macro lens and Sola 1200 video light. Second Place went to Anne Medcalf for a lovely shot of a Porcelain Crab and third place to Phil Medcalf for a beautiful image of a Mantis Shrimp, both using Olympus M4/3 cameras
  • Sue Chapman – My Favourite 5

    Sue Chapman did a wonderful presentation on her favourite five images. These were based on the first time she managed to get an image of each subject that she was happy with. She uses an Olympus XZ-1 compact camera in an Olympus housing
  • Crustaceans – Other Entries

    Other entries for the monthly competiton for Crustaceans are below. As you can see, the overall standard is improving dramatically and the mirrorless cameras are really helping make the most of their photography. The compact cameras are also now helping to produce some really good shots with the help of a bit of creativity from their users

A big thanks to Nick & Caroline for their talk on the Medes Island and the MIMA competition in which they represented the UK in early June this year. Although the competition seems to have very stringent guidelines, it looks like a wonderful place to dive and likely that the NUPG will run a trip there for the competition next year in 2015




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